About Us

Welcome to Adikanfo Radio!

 – The History Behind The Hits

Adikanfo Radio is a subsidiary of RBV Media; The media section of Rocky Business Ventures (RBV). RBV is a business entity registered in the Norwegian Business Registry since 2.12. 2004 (with Organisation Nr. 987 529 911).

Adikanfo Radio began in 2003 as a campus online/shoutcast radio at the University of Life Sciences (UMB), previously Agricultural University of Norway (NLH), Aas. The station was then called Ike’s Hitz Radio and streamed directly from own computer as server to listeners (using the Shoutcast source DSP and DNAS) without a relay streaming server. In other words, the available bandwidth of the resident internet (upload capacity) were divided by the streaming bitrate to decide the number of simultaneous listeners per session.

The aim for the project was to broadcast to all possible listeners worldwide but due to the campus internet security and firewall settings (beyond our control and authority), it wasn’t possible for those outside the campus to have access to our ip address in order  to connect to our streaming services. The project was thus abandoned after campus life due to the cost of bandwidth and time constraint.

However, with the advancement and rapid growth in the IT sector, server prices has drastically come down and internet connections and bandwidth have been highly improved with increased worldwide accessibility which decreases the running costs whilst increasing potential audience and users.

As a result of the above, the idea was rekindled through the advice and motivation of a very good and close friend: Desmond Oppong in 2011. When it came to the choice of a name for the station, Adikanfo( to wit: Fore-bearers/Leaders/Pace-setters) became more fitting as online radios has grown with many operators and the need to differentiate between the veterans and the new comers!!

The core mission of RBV Media, is to invest in quality electronic gadgets for rentals, in order to provide unbeatable services (at most affordable prices) to our customers; for their memorable events. We strive very hard to be among the best and most affordable when it comes to value for money in sound quality and good sounds!!

Rent our PA/DJ audio and sound systems for your memorable parties, special occasions and other public gatherings; to experience our digitally mastered crystal clear sounds!!

BONUS: Get your party/event pictures and short videos published here on our website at no extra costs!! We can also advertise your events on our social media outlets: website, Twitter and Facebook pages in good time, when mandated!!

REMEMBER: Good sound quality is a must for a memorable party; especially if the event is to be recorded to video!!